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emotion sickness

what is this coaster
no safety rail?
pack my spare clothes
and bring me a pail

life keeps on moving
at the speed of yes
breathe in some fresh air
swallow the stress

all of these bumps
this wild ride
can’t keep my hands
and feet inside

waves of nausea
face turns green
maybe i need
drama mean?

no way to stop it
there’s no off switch
emotion sickness
ain’t life a bitch


thief in the night

Distant dream screams pierce the shroud
Less loud and steady than the ready alarm
Invoking the can’t resist insistence
That comes with the one more push

The fear, so clear and Clorox pure
Reality based, not of being chased
But misplaced, forgotten in the left behind
And out of mind of the out of sleep

Erase the empty pillow case spaces
Clutch with care, sharing jagged air
The heavy shroud shifts, and lifts away fear
As the helpless stares lovingly at the thief



A phantom’s life is often dull
Though haunting can provide
A recognition fresh with thrill
When venturing outside

Alas, alone, untidy ache
Fill me, screamed the shell
I swallowed one more taste of air
And rejoined lover’s hell

Great love requires great sacrifice
Good phantoms ante soul
Then follow through corporeally
My shadow filled the hole

Phantoms stay unseen, we learn
You’re fodder for the Need
Yet recognition craves renown
That bitter taste of greed

In plasmatic rush, a sight now seen
The earth itself I shook
No room inside for both of us
I stole myself, a crook!

Body, soul, and strength unmatched
He lashes in derision
But I see faces in a crowd
Their eyes upon my vision

Reality crashes hard and soft
Its waves surround the coast
I long to bask and soak it in
And so give up the ghost



Advice is threshing, wheat and chaff
Serenity begs for wisdom
Peace is waiting, knowing laugh
Growth is always freedom

Indifference loves the passive voice
Exploration craves serendipity
Action will always discover choice
Perfection is persnickety

Reaction cannot exist alone
Infatuation changes by season
Complacency loves its comfort zone
Love rejects all reason


Denile River

Maddened throngs, the line is snaking
Young and old, they yearn for slaking
They make their way and share a shiver
Though they may drown, head down to the River

Bathing in its baptismal rush
Brush its greatness, saccharine hush
River engorged with ebbs and flows
Lunatic moons and madness grows

They come to swim in whet relief
Drunk on drink and sweet belief
Brainsick calm, no qualm just quiver
Disturbingly balanced down at the river

Some come to try, arrange to stay
Deranged, they dismantle their dismay
Awash, unaware, safe from life’s glare
Loveliness here, leave ugliness there

Some may hear the back home song
They come and go, can’t stay too long
They take it with them in buckets of guile
But can’t seem to smile while fetching Denile


I watched

Slippery slippery slippery sanity
Where is your mind at today?
You once recognized your reflections
I watched them slip-sliding away
I watched from the corner
As you reeled yourself in
And I watched as you gladly
let possession begin
Slippery sanity, dripped down the drain
There was no way to stay clean
Your buttons belonged to his remote
Your bullets in his magazine
I watched from my exile
As he changed your whole mind
And I watched as you simply
Chose to leave it behind
Sipping and sipping and sipping insanity
A junkie with endlessly supply
You looked like a girl fresh from Stockholm
Just what color was your world’s sky?
I watched from the corner
I was biding my time
And I watched as you realized
you’d committed no crime
Then you woke in a sweat, dripping in sanity
Fighting your conscience in fear
You finally noticed me watching
And smiled up at me in the mirror
~ 2009

time to begin

I woke with an ache

to make new space

and embrace some change

rearrange the old

in bolder versions of bright

and do it right this time

in a rhyme with a view

right on cue like blue chalk

take a walk in the wild

like a child in the park

all sparkling and shiny

tiny but standing so proud

I’m allowed to grow tall

and make all my own rules

fueled with love and no hate

let’s create an original sin

it’s time to begin


I am

I am

I am light
And one more bite
And air
Up there
And down here
And beer
Dancing slow
And eating crow
Best served cold
So I’m told
I am chance
And circumstance
Coffee and cream
The winning team
A hug
And a shrug
Warm kisses
Near misses
A sleeping child
And girls gone wild
I am song
And often wrong
Cheesy grits
Baseball mitts
A fast car
Cheers bar
Full of grace
And in your face
Irish stew
And one of you


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