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Why computers are bad for you.


Tiny Hobbit door available on Etsy :)

You know how sometimes you go to look for something online, like a little fairy door for the little garden area you’re working on?  The idea was in your head because you saw them while browsing on Pinterest this weekend, and you knew you had to have at least one. And then you go on Etsy, and you find all these beautiful doors, and then you see the prices (and the one in the pic is worth it), and you notice, hey, these are mostly made from polymer clay! I know how to make things with polymer clay, why didn’t I think of that?

And then you Google polymer clay, and see how much the different clays have changed in the ten years since you really used them much. So you think, hmm, I wonder which of these clay types will work best for outside things like fairy doors, and toadstool table sets, because you saw those while looking at doors, and you have to have those too. Plus that acorn type lantern in the picture with the Hobbit door. So you watch a couple things on YouTube showing people rambling on about the clay, and you get impatient, because, really they all end up saying “but you should use what you like.” So you decide to run to the craft store on the way home, to pick up whatever polymer clay looks good at that moment, and then you remember that you also told your husband that you wanted to paint some rocks for his food garden with the names of the stuff he’s growing, because that will be so much better than those plastic things sticking out of the ground, and the dog is less likely to run off with them, too.

So now you need to remember to pick up the clay, and the paint and brushes, and maybe even some rocks, but your mind is already on the dog, and how to keep her better occupied while you’re trying to work in the yard, because yesterday she made a point of stealing every single plastic pot or container as soon as you took the plant out of it, and as funny as it was at first, it did kind of piss you off eventually.

So you realize you have a gift card to the fancy doggy store and think maybe you should stop there too, but what she really needs is scent training, and so you go back on Google to find out who makes what, and which things won’t ruin your life by being too stinky or training your dog to chase wildebeests because they are just too large.  And now you have three places to stop, because the doggy store doesn’t sell that stuff, but hey, gift card! Plus the doggy store is on the way home just next to the grocery store anyway.

And you remember at this point that you opened the last beer last night but forgot to drink it because you were so tired. But then you still didn’t sleep because of the snoring, and you notice how tired you are even after the afternoon coffee, and you think you should probably just head straight home after work and go to bed early. After you pick up some more beer.

And this is why computers are bad for you.

(Or is it just me?)

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