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It’s 14 Words for Love time again!

Yes, yes, time again! Things are happening on the 14Words site and Facebook, come visit and write some short poems – it can set you free! If you want to read more of me gushing about this month-ish long event, step this way!

I’ll put up some I’ve done so far, but there will be more installments!

I promised you my best

Then wrecked the coffee

And snapped at the dogs


You aim your words

Just over my head

But my heart catches them



I understand you hate me child

But that’s what gives me hope.

You care.


You are my night sky

I am your moon

Let’s knock the stars loose


Love’s simple really

Take my hand

And let me show you

How it’s done


And when we let go of our fear

Volcanoes erupt

Tsunamis crash the shore


Remembering that little hand

Clasping mine joyfully

I thought you’d never let me go


The sun warms me from a new angle

Since I learned to love myself


I will know I’m healed

When I finally allow him

To trace my scars


~ Liesl Dineen 2015

November Poem-a-Day: Day 4

Prompt: Thank you for continuing to rock this challenge! I approved many comments yesterday–so if you’ve been having issues with commenting, I hope they’re cleared up now.

Today is our first Tuesday of the challenge, and I like to do a Two-for-Tuesday prompt on Tuesdays. You can write to the first prompt, the second prompt, both prompts, or whatever tickles your fancy. Here are the prompts:

  1. Write a super hero poem.
  2. Write a super heroine poem.


A hero is a sandwich and heroin is a drug
One tastes quite delicious
And the other makes me shrug

The point is I’m not buying what our culture dishes out
That winners are heroic
And the rest should go without

I think that in this world of ours, awash in disregard
That the simple act of caring
Earns us all the hero card

~ Liesl DIneen 2014

Please, Siri…


This morning at 9 am, Siri sent me a message reminding me to write about why I say please and thank you to “him.” I’m new to asking Siri for reminders and other things, but I think it’s a new favorite feature. I’d been sending one to myself about going to the bank on lunch, and I realized that I always say “please” before asking Siri to do something menial for me. And it struck me that this may not be how everyone works…

Then I got to thinking, which, well, is mostly what I do pretty much all the time, and I realized that I don’t want to NOT say please and thank you to Siri or anyone else. Yes, it’s just software with no actual feelings, but if I start issuing commands, I may soon begin to feel rather superior, and then I could start just issuing commands all willy-nilly to my friends, or the lady at the bank. And then I’d be a bitch. And that’s not what I want to be.

It seems to me that the more we practice being decent, the more likely we are to be decent. I have a temper. I’m working on that. Really really working on that. But it’s something only those unlucky enough to love me really see. Now, once I did snap at a lady for calling my phone number instead of her OB/GYN, but wait – I hung up first! See, I’d been given this OB/GYN’s old number and women called me daily about their yearly schedules. I never once snapped at them in real life. I calmly told them what I knew, which wasn’t much, but at least they didn’t think they were all set for March 3rd. Anyway, this one time, I shut the phone and then snapped “And don’t call this number again!” I thought it was funny. Because, I’m twisted like that, and you should hear the things I say to drivers on the road… My (former) sister-in-law thought it was intervention-worthy later on, mainly because she didn’t think I’d actually hung up, so that was awkward… But anyway, the thing is, that was just venting with humor. I’d never speak to Siri that way. Or that lady on the phone, duh.

I think it’s okay to be nice when nobody’s watching. I think it’s okay to hold the door open while 20 people stream out, apparently not realizing that “leaving the theater” etiquette requires them to take the door from me and pass it to the one behind them etc… [Note: I don’t think it’s okay to stand there for 20 minutes, but there were times I did that back in my doormat days.] I think it’s more than okay to pick up litter on the sidewalk even when it’s not something I dropped. I mean, within reason. There are some things you just need gloves for though.

Oh by the way, I also talk to many other inanimate objects. I mean, I bump into a streetlight (which happens more than you or I want to believe), and I say “excuse me” or “oops, sorry” before stepping aside out of its way.  Of course, I also tell lamps and tables to be still when they wobble. I mean, it’s only polite for them to behave well too, right?

As a kid, I had some kind of OCD-like thing where if I kissed one stuffed animal goodnight, I’d have to kiss them all. I didn’t want anyone feeling left out. Now, in therapy, I learned that this may have come from feeling left out myself (Okay, I didn’t actually need therapy for that realization!), but even though I’m (mostly) over that, I still care that nobody gets left out. This can be a problem when having social gatherings and wanting to keep them small, but that’s a blog for another day.

The point is that while I know, I swear to you I do, that Siri is not my friend, I’m going to keep on saying please and thank you and other sweet things. Maybe it will catch on, and people will remember how to say these things to one another, too. Maybe then we will have paradise right here on Earth and rainbows will flow from my coffee cup and sprinkles will rain from the sky, and… anyway, it’s not the worst kind of crazy to be. Join me?

July is for poems…

So in honor of Camp NaNoWriMo I’m doing another month of poetry writing, I’m not limiting it to one per day, so I’m just going to label each entry by day.

They’ll be just next door on the Poetry tab. Happy July!

Also, I wrote this one a day or so before July started and I can’t cheat, so here it is…


Hail to the hippies and drop-outs and drop-ins
and has-beens and seekers and mystics and sinners.
Hail to beginners and winners and losers,
to boozers and dosers, to artists and posers,
to starving musicians and chaos and cowards,
to mathematicians and the under-empowered.
Hail to the poets and potheads and freaks,
to the geeks and the meek and the ones who check Other,
to mothers and queens and in-between teens.
Hail to protesters and graffiti art vandals,
to scandals and weirdos and schemers and dreamers.
Hail to the artists, to buskers and roadies,
to the lonely and bullied and mostly forgotten,
to the rotten and punks and those on their ass.
Hail to the students who don’t learn in class,
to newbies, cosplayers and first-time-offenders.
Hail to transgenders, peacemakers and bakers,
to the dredded and shaved, to the pierced and tattooed,
to the crude and the rude and the uncomprehending.
Hail to the masses, and hail to things ending.

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

Shallow thoughts

Shallow thoughts

I think that Yoda
Was full of shit
When he said
There is no try.

I think sometimes
You need to rest and reflect
And maybe not get right back
On that horse.

I think the whole idea
Of putting on Big Girl Panties
And getting over it
Is both freaky and trite.

I think this too
Shall NOT always just pass
All by itself magically
Like some loud moving train.

And I think maybe
If it ain’t broke
We should fix it anyway
Because it can always get better.

~ Liesl Dineen 2014



1402064770Weekly school shootings, Monsanto is suing Vermont, TV news doesn’t even warn us not to look at the footage anymore… So yeah, we’re tripping.




In America, we’re tripping
Most of us
American Idols
And Kentucky Fried Chicken
While our children learn values
From Tumblr and Netflix
Eating fast food with Red Bull
And getting high on the plastic
Corporations are people
And the people are tools
Putting their trust in the sound bites
And sounding like fools
As we fight over scraps
Because there’s nothing else left
We didn’t notice the losses
And the cost of the theft
Now our children are dying
From buying our bullshit
And we’re all freaking out
Because we can’t seem to fix it
We’ve forgotten to notice
We’re all humans just being
We have so much in common
Why are we disagreeing
It’s time we wake up
And respect one another
Make a functional family
Of sisters and brothers
Set aside all our hate
And our preconceived notions
And fill ourselves up
With more loving emotions
But I can feel your eyes rolling
As you look at your gun
And I know the war’s over
But nobody won

~Liesl Dineen 2014

Day Twenty-three


Napowrimo on Facebook challenged us to write a poem to our favorite letter of the alphabet. After considering some wonderful letters, I decided that I like the letter B, because it says all it needs to say:

I didn’t write this to the letter B though, I wrote it to you.


My only advice
is to be yourself,
alive on this planet
which you know is just a tiny blue marble
spinning in circles
in a dusty little corner
of this thing we call Universe
but only understand
in the sketchiest details.

A thing so incredibly vast,
so full of tiny marbles
all spinning in circles
in colors and patterns and paths
all their own.

And you know that you, yourself
are spinning in circles
in colors and patterns and paths
all your own.

Are you dizzy?
Are you trying too hard not to crash?

Or can you just let go
and know that you will spin
until the day you finally stop
and until that day all that matters
is that you are here
just for awhile
dancing on a tiny blue marble
on the edge of all things.

You are here.

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

Day Twenty-two



From Napowrimo.net:
Today, I challenge you to write a poem for children. This could be in the style of a nursery rhyme, or take a cue from Edward Lear or Shel Silverstein. It could rhyme — or not. It could be short — or not.


They tripped me and I’m on the floor
Kids are laughing, but I’m just sore
My face is burning, I feel awful
What’s happening must be unlawful

Who is there to help me out?
Why do you just stand about?
These bullies shouldn’t be allowed
To dominate a friendly crowd

If it was you there on the ground
I would not just mill around
I would yell and growl and frown
And pick you up when you are down

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

Day Thirteen


9672720This one isn’t comfort food or comfortable, read with care. No prompt.

There are certain words that should keep their meanings, certain meanings that are sacred just because.



Rape, he says
Meaning governmental taxes
Politicians grinding axes
Meaning exploitation and disruption
Politically supplied corruption
No, I say, that isn’t rape

Rape, I say
Meaning held or drugged, by force exposed
Inexplicably decomposed
Meaning violation, desecration
Left naked, crying and forsaken
No, I say, because we said no

Rape, they say
Meaning they won the high school game
Glorying in their basketball fame
Meaning success with their finesse
Triumph bordering on excess
No, I say, that isn’t rape

Rape, I say
Meaning forever changed, defamed
Secretly, privately ashamed
Meaning what if you hadn’t gone through that door
Meaning shut up you whining whore
No, I say, it’s time we talked

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

Day Six

From NaPoWriMo on Facebook:
Using iambic pentameter, write a poem about the role of social media in your life (whether positive or negative).

4240948Don’t Panic! :)

The words iambic pentameter make some people nervous, probably on account of them being fancy and foreign-sounding, but it’s really pretty simple… There’s five sets of two sounds each, going soft hard soft hard, like duh da duh da duh da duh da duh da. Rhyming is optional, but kinda fun to play with. Also, you can throw in an extra sound here and there (I did it once, can you find it?); it’s okay I promise.


Antisocial media

The Facebook makes me think I could belong
And LinkedIn gives me reason to look good
But Twitter makes me wonder if I’m wrong
While Google Plus is a small neighborhood.

But in the end I’d rather see your face
And hear sarcastic phrases for myself
Let’s pretend it’s gone away like My(old)Space
And leave our damn iPhones upon the shelf.

~ Liesl Dineen, 2014

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