To get to the other side

Day 28: Prompts were write about a bridge and write a matter/anti-matter poem.

To get to the other side


You tried to make it rain

on our parade as it headed

steadfastly over the bridge.

But what does it matter to you

if the bridge is going nowhere?

We both know the truth,

that you never intended to cross.

And that means it’s just a mirage

leading to a place only exalted

by lunatics and dreamers,

while you ensure your feet remain solidly

on the side of Reason and Provable Things.

But do keep looking for us as you scowl,

we’ll be waving from a shore

made of gibberish and borogoves.


~ Liesl Dineen 2015


  1. Angela Zemp

    Hi Leisl,

    just wanted to let you know that I love your poetry style, and especially liked ‘Looking Forward’. I can really identify with that! I often read your blog, but as there doesn’t seem to be a ‘like’ button, I can’t let you know, without filling in this form (and doing math!)every time. And I am FAR too lazy for that! Lol.

    Anyway, keep on writing with style!

    Love from The Hedgehog x

    P.S. LIKE!

    1. it's nothing, really... (Post author)

      Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate all your support, and hope to return it always! Also, if it helps in any way, I have to do math to sign in too!

      1. Angela Zemp

        It Does!!! :)

        (All that to type one sentence!)

        Aaaaaargh! And is it pathetic that I had to think for a bit before I did the math?? In my defence, not had my coffee yet! ;)

        Have a great day!

        Angie the Hedgehog xx

        1. it's nothing, really... (Post author)

          Not pathetic, math is numbers and stuff… pass the coffee.


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