The care and feeding of love (Day 3)

four puppies

Oliver, Halley, Hubble, and Oscar

Love is goat’s milk formula

stuffed in a bottle and

delivered to puppies

who can only use smells

to roughly shove their mouths

in the right direction


Love is sleeping on the couch

in between feedings

and stumbling in the dark

with paper towel hands

from one spot on the floor

to another and another


Love is a soft lap

a blanketed offering

when bellies are full

but mother is missing

and so the dishes and the

laundry can wait


Love is the meetings

with cooing strangers

building connections

with applications and

references and preferences

to find The Right One


Love is the tears

goodbye, farewell

please send pictures

we do thrive on updates

as we shuffle to the kitchen

to make more formula

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