practice never makes perfect

[Part of a five-day art challenge in February]

There’s some things you should know
And I’ll try to start slow
But sometimes things speed up the longer I go
No, it’s not for show, it’s just, well you know,
The way that things shift
When they blow in the breeze
And puppy love feels when it knocks at your knees
While it frees your poor mind
From rewind and despair
Bringing back care
So you make the switch from repair to replace
Because your saving grace
Will be facing today with no leftover traces
Intention is everything here
So dear grab a beer
And sit down in this now
Think about how you can manage to breathe
Make a vow
To let go and let flow take its course
Use no force
Drop your shoulders, those boulders
That you muscle ache through
And forget about me
And forget about you.

~ Liesl Dineen 2015

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