A phantom’s life is often dull
Though haunting can provide
A recognition fresh with thrill
When venturing outside

Alas, alone, untidy ache
Fill me, screamed the shell
I swallowed one more taste of air
And rejoined lover’s hell

Great love requires great sacrifice
Good phantoms ante soul
Then follow through corporeally
My shadow filled the hole

Phantoms stay unseen, we learn
You’re fodder for the Need
Yet recognition craves renown
That bitter taste of greed

In plasmatic rush, a sight now seen
The earth itself I shook
No room inside for both of us
I stole myself, a crook!

Body, soul, and strength unmatched
He lashes in derision
But I see faces in a crowd
Their eyes upon my vision

Reality crashes hard and soft
Its waves surround the coast
I long to bask and soak it in
And so give up the ghost


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