Perhaps I hate sonnets (day 11)

It’s not that I hate following the rules

And sometimes we all need a to-do list

It’s just that rhyming makes us into fools

When we decide to force ourselves to twist

Our squarest words into the roundest holes

We batter beat and smash them into place

As we assume our spot at the controls

And greet mismatching words as a disgrace

Perhaps this forcing leads to great success

Perhaps I’m just too lazy to comply

I’ve seen it done before with such finesse

And beauty thrives within beholder’s eye

I guess I’ll try at last to follow through

Succeed or fail, I’ll leave that up to you


Here are the two prompts for today from Robert Lee Brewer at Writer’s Digest:

  • Write a sonnet. (Click here if you need a refresher on sonnets.) I know some folks will say a writing a form is not a prompt, but I often use forms to prompt me into poems. And I know that some folks will say they hate traditional forms. Soooo, the other prompt is to…
  • Write an anti-form poem. Write about your dislike of poetic forms. Let it all out.

I chose to do both at once.

What do you think?

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