PEN it forward!


I made it myself… :)

14 Words for Love is back in action with PEN it Forward for Pay It Forward day (April 25, 2013). There’s an open Facebook event, where we’re gathering 14 word poems about, well, most everything this time. The focus is love in all its forms, but write what moves you! It’s amazing to me to see all the great poems from people who don’t think of themselves as poets, and the support from/for everyone is fantastic too.

On the 25th, the plan is for you, me, everyone to hand out these poems to strangers, or anyone at all. Maybe give them a few to hand out as well. There’s templates I made up – hopefully they’ll make it to the 14 words site soon. Even if you don’t feel like a writer, I challenge you to try writing at least one 14 word poem. It certainly doesn’t have to rhyme, and you may just decide to write another. Me, I started with one during the Valentines Day event, and wrote over a hundred I think!

I’ve been less prolific this time, but I still love the short format – nothing can help you say what you really want to say like a word limit! Here’s a video I made using some of the poems that were gathered and handed out for the 14 Words for One Love Valentines event.


And here’s a few 14 word poems I’ve done this week for PEN it Forward:

hope and sorrow
won’t share a heart
their incessant battles
break it into pieces
thirteen years ago
labor started
we hurried
you and I
I understand waiting
you say I’m out of sync
but I’m matching my drumbeats 
one for one
Flowery fireworks
I stare contemplating 
the nature of beauty,
wading and coughing 
through pollen.
my dog, myself
mutts of unknown origin
dangerously capable 
of licking your face off
Praise is a flash flood,
too loud and fast to absorb.
I panic, drowning.

Come and join the fun – what’s the worst that could happen? As always, many thanks to 14 Words for Love’s creator, Jodi Barnes!

What do you think?

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