Ode to MSG

Sometimes life seems dull and bland
you need to be taken by the hand
given something nice to savor
something far more than natural flavor
it always leaves things tasting great
monosodium glutamate!

don’t disturb my revelry
It so affects my Umami

chickety-china, a few more bites
even when your heart ignites
and the tears stream down your face
it’s Ramen noodles by the case
ignore the shaking in your hands
have a box of Zatarain’s

its chemicals a mystery
a biohazard history

it may cause nausea, insanity, cancer
but my god it’s life’s best answer
to how you’re gonna spice up your life
wake up your dog, perk up your wife
take it away and we all get irate
monosodium glutamate

surely you can plainly see
there’s no reason left to be
if you take away my MSG…


What do you think?

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