November Poem-a-Day: Day 6

Prompt: For today’s prompt, write a happy now poem. There are a few ways to come at this prompt. For instance, I could think something along the lines of, “I am happy now.” Or I could spin it another way with, “Am I happy now?” Or project outwards, “Are you happy now?” Of course, the emphasis could be on the word “happy” or the word “now.” I hope everyone finds happiness with their poeming now.


Don’t tell me to smile
It’s simply not good style
And file this away for a rainy day
Bossing me happy is a bad way to play
You can’t order me joy
Like a toy from some site
It’s my right to feel wrong
And still belong on this street
With my feet and my frown
You see, I won’t be your clown
You can’t paint on my face
Or disgrace or displace me
And smile or not,
There’s no way to replace me
Let me be with my thoughts
And connect my own dots
And oh, a question meanwhile
Please tell me, where is your smile?

~ Liesl Dineen

What do you think?

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