November Poem-a-Day: Day 3

Again from Writer’s Digest: For today’s prompt, write a blanket poem. In my part of the country, we’ve had a recent cold spell and folks have been cuddling up under their blankets. In other places, they’ve even had to deal with a blanket of snow. Some people–regardless of the weather–have their security blankets, which may or may not be actual blankets. And some folks make blanket statements. There may be other ways to cover a blanket poem and if you know it, then go for it.

(I wrote two.)

Wet Blanket

Because the same thing that can put out a fire
Can massacre even the best of times

Because eventually you stop getting invited
When you keep saying no oh no no no

Because at some point in your very short life
You simply need to realize that life is very short

It’s time to dry yourself off, fold yourself together
And get back to doing what a good blanket does

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

Security Blanket

My hands sit empty, folded, trying not to wring
Aware, all too aware, of being watched
“You haven’t brought your coffee cup today”
Kind eyes sweep my face for significant tells
“Would you like a cup of water?”

You see, sometimes I try to go it alone
To get by without my force field, my mood shield
But the cup sets my boundaries and keeps me safe
And even though I’m learning to speak on my own
Today I take the water, and find my voice in the cup

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

What do you think?

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