November Poem-a-Day: Day 17

For today’s prompt, write an afflicted poem. Someone or something that is afflicted is someone or something that is in a troubled, injured, or humbled state. Or distressed to the point of constant suffering and anguish. In other words, the perfect poem for a Monday, right?


I dreamed I was invisible
I cast no shadow on the ground
And made no footprints either

It felt like any other day more or less
But one thing was new and nice

In my dream, I stopped imagining
Like I always have, you know
That you would see me as I am

I started walking where I need to be
Along my path alone

And as I moved ahead in life
I stopped hoping, like I always have
That you’d ever catch up someday

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

What do you think?

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