National Poetry Day – UK

I just learned it’s National Poetry Day in England, and the theme is stars. This is a good sort of day to go read something. But really, every day is that sort of day.

So, a star theme. The thing is, I’ve never been very good at themes, always just wandered off to a different corner entirely. I believe this is called by teachers “not living up to your potential.”

I am apparently a giant ball of potential energy (hey, that’s sort of star-related), and I am sorry for all my teachers that I never did really try until I got much older. But hopefully I remembered the important bits, and I’m lucky to have Google for the rest.

So here’s a little baby poem, and it’s not about stars, because I’m not British and I don’t do themes well. But I guess it’s fitting because I wrote time to begin 3 years ago now, and I’m still just at the beginning.

Anyway and hey-over-here, this poem by Neil Gaiman is stunning.

And if you want to read Americans, start at Or Google something.

What do you think?

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