Mind the gap / Rescue work

Day 20. Prompt: write a “what I learned” poem. Or two…

Mind the gap

The difference between
what I’ve learned
and what I actually do
is a chasm wide as oceans
and mountains-tall.

Rescue work

My t-shirt is covered in fur
and reads Who Rescued Who?
It’s supposed to be Whom
but the dogs don’t much care
and that’s why I’m there
trying to help the lucky ones
who made it out alive, although
what kind of luck is it I wonder
to be dumped in kill shelters
or kicked to the curb or just kicked?
But I’ve learned from seeing too much
that these are the lucky ones
and when I look at the people
wearing shirts that match mine
I see what hope looks like and sacrifice
although nobody would call it that
but do imagine please
what kind of vacation you take
when you’re training five dogs
or wrangling twelve puppies?
And I’ve learned firsthand too
that even if you had enough money
you’d just fix your floors
so the next batch of rescues
can wreck them some more.

What do you think?

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