Love letter for Bo on his last day

Day 28. Two-fer. Write a love poem / anti-love poem. So much is missing from this poem, so much of Bo, our first foster dog, our first foster-fail. But I guess it’s enough to know that he was here for far too short a time, and that he loves and is loved deeply. But this is his last day, and this is all I have.

These last hours
are making tracks
as they walk across our hearts
the nails click-clacking like
paw prints in concrete
stepping stones for the garden
we will plant for you in spring
someplace sunny for you
my love,
how you’ve always loved to bask
and these last many months
we kept you in
because of the medicine
everything about side-effects
about day by day to make it last
to make you last for
just one more day

What do you think?

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