life and death of a white blood cell

There is no “what am I?” as you wake up to the world.

The knowledge comes from your DNA, everything you are made of, the program tells you what you must be. You are protector.

You live for this. You would die doing it and never think of any other way of being because that is simply impossible.

You will never wake from this life and realize that you yourself are worth protecting.

You will never abandon the Body to which you were born and sworn before you ever thought to have a say in the matter. You will never have a say in the matter.

Your days and nights are spent in glorious battle. You, the hunter and sounder of the alarm. You, the swallower of monsters.

You are a hero, mighty, brave, and unloved. For God, and glory, and Body.

You would go on forever, but the battles take their toll. There is no retirement home for heroes.

And so you know, as sure as the day you woke up to the world, that it is time to go.

Shriveled and gray, you give yourself to the river as your replacement awakens knowing just what to do.

~ 2011

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