July is for poems…

So in honor of Camp NaNoWriMo I’m doing another month of poetry writing, I’m not limiting it to one per day, so I’m just going to label each entry by day.

They’ll be just next door on the Poetry tab. Happy July!

Also, I wrote this one a day or so before July started and I can’t cheat, so here it is…


Hail to the hippies and drop-outs and drop-ins
and has-beens and seekers and mystics and sinners.
Hail to beginners and winners and losers,
to boozers and dosers, to artists and posers,
to starving musicians and chaos and cowards,
to mathematicians and the under-empowered.
Hail to the poets and potheads and freaks,
to the geeks and the meek and the ones who check Other,
to mothers and queens and in-between teens.
Hail to protesters and graffiti art vandals,
to scandals and weirdos and schemers and dreamers.
Hail to the artists, to buskers and roadies,
to the lonely and bullied and mostly forgotten,
to the rotten and punks and those on their ass.
Hail to the students who don’t learn in class,
to newbies, cosplayers and first-time-offenders.
Hail to transgenders, peacemakers and bakers,
to the dredded and shaved, to the pierced and tattooed,
to the crude and the rude and the uncomprehending.
Hail to the masses, and hail to things ending.

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

What do you think?

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