July 22


The ants are marching in far more than two by two

It’s not really ever like the songs though, is it?

Beautiful words can even make mosquito bites sound sexy

But the scrape on my knee from where the ocean spit me out

Is not healing very well at all so far

And my muscles are aching from carving up the tree

The one that split apart in the summer storm

There’s a stripe of sunburn on my nose

It goes right across the bridge as if helping someone cross

And when it peels it leaves the palest stripe

I dare you to pretend you don’t notice

Still, really, there are hummingbirds everywhere in the yard

Sucking in the purples and pinks, and that syrup we mix in the sink

Birds everywhere, how can you not smile at that?

You can feel your bare feet breathing deeply

And that cold beer on the nape of your neck

Feels amazing in the swelter, better than kisses

And music comes alive this time of year

Even that silly song about the ants

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

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