July 18


Competitive meditation

You’re engaging in competitive meditation
Along with world peace, you’d like a standing ovation
So you go looking for praise in the way you say ohm
Because you know otherwise that you could’ve stayed home

You might be afraid that I’m calling you poser
But that’s not what I mean, you just need to look closer
Yes I know that you’re after perfect stillness and stuff
It’s just you can’t focus well when your shoes have a scuff

It sounds pretty silly for me to say just be chill
But learning to breathe shouldn’t feel like a fire drill
True, you may look absurd if you are doing it right
But we should all close our eyes when we go searching for light

So forget about others and forget about you
Let go of your fears and learn to take a new view
For it’s when you stop fussing that you’re likely to find
It’s okay to be freaky when you find peace of mind

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

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