It’s 14 Words for Love time again!

Yes, yes, time again! Things are happening on the 14Words site and Facebook, come visit and write some short poems – it can set you free! If you want to read more of me gushing about this month-ish long event, step this way!

I’ll put up some I’ve done so far, but there will be more installments!

I promised you my best

Then wrecked the coffee

And snapped at the dogs


You aim your words

Just over my head

But my heart catches them



I understand you hate me child

But that’s what gives me hope.

You care.


You are my night sky

I am your moon

Let’s knock the stars loose


Love’s simple really

Take my hand

And let me show you

How it’s done


And when we let go of our fear

Volcanoes erupt

Tsunamis crash the shore


Remembering that little hand

Clasping mine joyfully

I thought you’d never let me go


The sun warms me from a new angle

Since I learned to love myself


I will know I’m healed

When I finally allow him

To trace my scars


~ Liesl Dineen 2015

What do you think?

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