If these walls could talk

If these walls could talk

If these walls could talk, would we choose to hear?
Would we give them a chance to tell us how it really was?
If these walls could talk, would they even dare try
To shake us from the fantasies that we still believe were real?

Would they tell me what you were thinking
When you scarred them with your anger in black sharpie curses?
When you hid your food to pretend you weren’t hoping to starve?
When you began to carve yourself into diamonds, or dust?

Would they tell you about my stupid stubborn confidence?
How I wobbly-walked the tightrope that connected us, always slipping up?
How I almost knocked so often and then ashes filled my mouth?
How when I finally saw you, really saw you breaking, I let go?

If we listened, would they tell us too about the love?
That it wasn’t only pain shaking in their plaster and our souls.
That we both tried with everything we had, oh we did try.
That there’s room left for us to heal together into something new.

~ Liesl Dineen 2015

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