I watched

Slippery slippery slippery sanity
Where is your mind at today?
You once recognized your reflections
I watched them slip-sliding away
I watched from the corner
As you reeled yourself in
And I watched as you gladly
let possession begin
Slippery sanity, dripped down the drain
There was no way to stay clean
Your buttons belonged to his remote
Your bullets in his magazine
I watched from my exile
As he changed your whole mind
And I watched as you simply
Chose to leave it behind
Sipping and sipping and sipping insanity
A junkie with endlessly supply
You looked like a girl fresh from Stockholm
Just what color was your world’s sky?
I watched from the corner
I was biding my time
And I watched as you realized
you’d committed no crime
Then you woke in a sweat, dripping in sanity
Fighting your conscience in fear
You finally noticed me watching
And smiled up at me in the mirror
~ 2009

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