How to meet someone worthwhile

You need to unwind yourself if you can

and try to be kind in an unkind land.

I mean, man, there are so many freaks

leaking… (narcissistic-ally speaking). Freaks

who are all about themselves, me me my my

Gimme or I’ll start to cry.

That’s why good souls are easy to miss

blissed in the background, happy to exist,

and also why you should look in their eyes,

’cause they’re awake and looking wise,

what a prize they could turn out to be for you.

Now, you really do know what to do,

because you dared to take that peek.

So just speak, because you’re not another freak

after all. Just try it, listen and maybe learn,

let better instincts take a turn.

Then burn your lists of those perfect traits

for your perfect, perfectly made-up mates.


What do you think?

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