High Times

Writer’s Digest Wednesday prompt:
For today’s prompt, write a high poem. Now, I know the word “high” is a loaded one–so take it where you may. There are high temperatures, high heights, and other meanings related to high. You can even transform high into the greeting “hi,” which then leads down a whole new rabbit hole.

We used to sit on the bare wood floors

(Well, he would sit in the lone green chair)

And pass the bong and pass the bong

His sentences sounded like lessons

And his replies began with Actually

There were no cracked eggs for brains

We were deep thinkers after all

(Well, he was the one with the chair)

And I called this the high times

Never dreaming that this would be my life

Long after the passing stopped

Long after the friends disappeared

Long after I learned that Actually

Simply meant Please help me to exist

~ Liesl Dineen

What do you think?

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