Epic poetry


Epic poetry

I’m going to write an epic poem
Just after this episode of Archer
And maybe a quick check of my Facebook feed
Oh, that post George put up was hysterical, I simply have to add it to my Pinterest board
Pinterest is so great for getting new ideas
For my epic poem
Which I’m going to write in a minute
After I let the dogs out, they’ve been scratching at the door
And I can’t let them wait too long, not after what they did last time
My carpets will never be the same
Plus this way they’ll be calm when I sit down at last
To write my epic poem
Which will have dragons of course
And at least five references to the moon and stars
So I should really see what NASA’s been tweeting lately, for inspiration
And maybe just one episode of Game of Thrones so I can get the dragons just right
Those Game of Thrones books are so great, with all of their descriptions of amazing banquets
Full of pheasants and sauces and boars and birds stuffed inside of pies
And lemon cakes everywhere
I’m getting hungry just thinking about it
Perhaps I will begin my epic poem
After a little snack

~Liesl Dineen 2015

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