Emerald City / Albuquerque

Day 13. Prompt: pick a city and make that the title of your poem; then, write your poem. I wrote two again today.

Emerald City

Down in Emerald City
without the ruby red shoes
does one get the greens,
or is it still called the blues?

Since the little man fled
from behind the green curtain
did the monkeys move in?
It’s all so uncertain.

Down in Emerald City
where the grass is so green
maybe even the wicked
can blend in unseen.


In college, long ago, with the snow
high and our futures murky,
we imagined that in Albuquerque
our quirky selves could shine,
divinely free from that Buffalo humidity.

Now through decades of bad trades
and Rolaids it’s still sight-unseen, between
the lack of green and reasons why
we just got by, onto other things, lost our wings
and all we got was turquoise rings.

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  1. smilecries

    I love this. Especially the quirky querque rhymes.


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