Denile River

Maddened throngs, the line is snaking
Young and old, they yearn for slaking
They make their way and share a shiver
Though they may drown, head down to the River

Bathing in its baptismal rush
Brush its greatness, saccharine hush
River engorged with ebbs and flows
Lunatic moons and madness grows

They come to swim in whet relief
Drunk on drink and sweet belief
Brainsick calm, no qualm just quiver
Disturbingly balanced down at the river

Some come to try, arrange to stay
Deranged, they dismantle their dismay
Awash, unaware, safe from life’s glare
Loveliness here, leave ugliness there

Some may hear the back home song
They come and go, can’t stay too long
They take it with them in buckets of guile
But can’t seem to smile while fetching Denile


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