Day Two


579743Today’s prompt is from NaPoWriMo on Facebook:

Write from the perspective of an animal.

I chose a subject very near and dear to my heart. If you share this love, please consider checking out the SPCA, and see how you can help!



When the humans come
The older ones read the sign on my door
That says I’m older too, and may take a little work
They shake their heads and walk away

When the humans come
The children notice me, and smile and reach
And call my name as if I’m someone special
Until their parents take their smiles away

When the humans come
The volunteers bring me food and love
And tell me I’m okay and I’m safe for now
Before they move on to the next cage over

When the humans leave
The sounds of all the others flood my ears
And my nose breathes in their fears and sorrows
And I wait for tomorrow for the humans to come

~Liesl Dineen, 2014


  1. Lisa W

    Sniff… sniff… So beautiful!

  2. John D. Sr.

    I love this Poem!

  3. joan dineen

    really touching with a bitter-sweet quality.

  4. Nancy Richards

    Okay, now I’m crying. Afraid to read this poem again but I will. Lovely.

  5. Donna Moye


  6. it's nothing, really

    Thank you all. I wish I could adopt more dogs myself. Mostly I wish the need wasn’t so high!


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