Day Twenty-six



From the Napowrimo Facebook page:

Write a poem in two sections about two completely different things. Have the title link both items in a surprising way.

Today I have my favorite color on my mind. How many references can you find?


Tucked deep in the corner
Of the old overgrown porch
She sits in a haze
Listening to the drip drip drip
Of rain leaving wisteria
Feeling each drop echo
Through the bruises on her skin

Amid sprays of glorious larkspur
The almost-king stood in Tyrian robes
Awaiting the kneeling and the crown
Keenly aware of the costs
The dye made of sea snails
The amethyst offerings
And the love he would never know

~ Liesl Dineen 2014


  1. David Ellis

    Purple is my favourite colour too. Each line is really magnificent and I enjoyed how each part finished. It is not often that you read a poem that makes you both think and be wisfully melancholic at the same time – great piece Liesl.

    1. it's nothing, really

      Thank you so very much David. This means a lot.

  2. Lora Hastings

    I found 6 references my friend and this is so well written. You continue to amaze me with your haze today.

    1. it's nothing, really

      Thank you Lora, I think you only missed one… :)

      1. it's nothing, really

        oops, nope, at least two… But seriously, thanks so much for your support, it keeps me going!


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