Day Twenty-nine


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The onion

Peel me like an onion and please notice as you go
that each layer becomes more and more
smelly, strong, dense, resistant, bold
but truthfully I am so very afraid
that when you keep peeling
you will find nothing
nothing at all
at my very
that all you
will have for your
effort is a smelly kitchen
and tears in your eyes dripping
onto the cutting board where all that
I ever was is lying in a pile of skin and flesh
reminding you that not every recipe can succeed
no matter how good your intentions were at the start.

~ Liesl Dineen 2014


  1. David Ellis (TooFullToWrite)

    Wow – I adore these types of poems that use shapes with the words. So difficult to pull off but so amazing when you do it. It’s just like you’re peeling your way through an onion. Very rewarding and clever too! :)

    1. It's nothing, really

      Thank you so much. This happened by accident at first so I went with it. I want to curve it so it looks like the rings…


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