Day Three


I challenge you to write a charm – a simple rhyming poem, in the style of a recipe-slash-nursery rhyme. It could be a charm against warts, or against traffic tickets. It could be a charm to bring love, or to bring free pizzas from your local radio station.

For Sarah.

A charm to help you know the truth

A picture of us right by the sea,
A necklace that you made for me,
The cakes from parties your friends all adored,
One Monkey Too Many, in case you get bored,
The lullabies, sung with exhausted love,
And pick any Michael Jackson-type glove,
For perspective, the eye of a household fly,
And a journal that proves I wasn’t a spy,
A clock that shows all this ticking time,
And a sentence, far too big for the crime –
Toss them all right into the pot,
Now I pray you remember all you forgot.

~Liesl Dineen, 2014

What do you think?

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