Day Thirty



April is ended, National Poetry month retired for another year. I believe I will keep writing at least a poem a day. It’s good to believe in something… has asked us to write a poem of farewell.

Swan Song

She walked away calmly in the rain
Wearing nothing but the blue summer dress
With the small purple flowers
And the thin brown flip-flops
That splashed the water back onto her feet.
She walked with eyes horizon-steady
Leaving everything behind
In the suitcase she’d so carefully packed
During the stormy night.
She left behind names and nicknames
She left the words Wife and Mother and Other
She left the flimsy dog-eared books
And the ones never even opened
She left the dogs and the garden
She left her friends and her coffee cup
All in the suitcase with the broken zipper
Lying on the unmade bed
Like a love letter
Like goodbye.

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

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  1. lora hastings

    i have left with only the broken zipper and it turned into the happiest and free life that i could not have dreamed of had i not just surrendered to it and flew. thank you for your continued inspiration.


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