Day Thirteen


9672720This one isn’t comfort food or comfortable, read with care. No prompt.

There are certain words that should keep their meanings, certain meanings that are sacred just because.



Rape, he says
Meaning governmental taxes
Politicians grinding axes
Meaning exploitation and disruption
Politically supplied corruption
No, I say, that isn’t rape

Rape, I say
Meaning held or drugged, by force exposed
Inexplicably decomposed
Meaning violation, desecration
Left naked, crying and forsaken
No, I say, because we said no

Rape, they say
Meaning they won the high school game
Glorying in their basketball fame
Meaning success with their finesse
Triumph bordering on excess
No, I say, that isn’t rape

Rape, I say
Meaning forever changed, defamed
Secretly, privately ashamed
Meaning what if you hadn’t gone through that door
Meaning shut up you whining whore
No, I say, it’s time we talked

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

What do you think?

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