Day Sixteen




This prompt is from Daisy Fried, and the basic idea is to write a ten-line poem in which each line is a lie. Your lies could be silly, complicated, tricky, or obvious. 

I love this prompt (no lie!)



I do not have a daughter, I do not have a son

I wander bitterly through life like I’m the only one

I dislike sunshine on my face and flowers in my garden

I hate people and my goal is making their hearts harden

I’ve never loved an animal or taken any chances

I prefer to sit and glare while everyone else dances

I hate my friends, I hate my job, I hate the ocean’s waving

I believe I should give in to each unhealthy craving

I despise enlightenment and kindness makes me sick

And I believe true love is just a mirrored magic trick

~ Liesl Dineen 2014


  1. CC Champagne

    I too loved this prompt, and think you handled it amazingly. *smile* Happy writing!

    1. it's nothing, really

      Thank you so much, I just started peeking at your site, and I love it so far!


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