Day Fifteen



Kindling Day

Today I don’t want prompts or pokes
I want to pound my fists against ignorance instead
Scratching at its face with broken nails
Until something real awakens underneath

Today I don’t feel like rhyming in schemes
I just want to yell into the blowing storm
I am not afraid of you!
And watch it roil and roll away defeated

Today I’m fierce and strong
Burning savage with vitality
My blood boiling and cells melding
Bracing for whatever’s coming next

Today I can speak my mind and tell my truth
And know in my gut I have nothing to prove
To the liars who want to crush me
Into less than dirt

Today I can let the sorrow flow
Waterfall-washing over me
Standing naked, face and arms outstretched
And let it scrub me clean and new

Today I can face the raging dragons
And laugh in their solemn faces
Until they get the joke
Delighting in their fire and forked tongues

Today I’m pushing forward
Over rocks, out of holes, through the nettles and the vines
Scrambling with everything I have
To find the place that’s calling me so loudly home

~ Liesl Dineen 2014


  1. Ginny

    Powerful, strong, essential. ❤️

    1. it's nothing, really

      thank you.


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