Day Eleven


Poets have been writing about love and wine, wine and love, since . . . well, since the time of Anacreon, a Greek poet who was rather partial to that subject matter. Anacreon developed a particular meter for his tipsy, lovey-dovey verse, but Anacreontics in English generally do away with meter-based constraints. Anacreontics might be described as a sort of high-falutin’ drinking song. So today I challenge you to write about wine-and-love.

So I had to follow quite a few rules in this form, but I went off the “wine” thing just a little bit – cheers!!

Oh, check out Ninkasi, cool story.

Ode to wine and beer

Dionysus liked a fuss
(You may know him as Bacchus)
God of wine and ecstasy
Worshipped with great revelry
Bastard son of potent Zeus
Praise the gods and pass the juice

Wine is fine but I’ll choose beer
Thus, a goddess I hold dear
Ah Ninkasi, she’s the one
All had pints when she was done
Ancient Sumer loved her so
She’s the one sets me aglow

I may beer and you may wine
But our spirits do combine
Love is still what matters most
So I must propose a toast
Here’s to love and here’s to you
Grab a cup, enjoy your brew!

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

What do you think?

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