Day Eight

No “official” prompt today, just a mirror on the wall.

Weighing in

Every day I notice
My deep-scarred belly and extra skin
Sticking out farther than I’d like
Breasts aiming a little lower too

Sometimes though, for a brief moment
Or maybe a whole minute (when times are good)
I let go of shame and contempt
And I remember:

When the skin was wrapped
Impossibly tightly
Around a life inside me
Growing too big to contain

How I waddled, teetering dangerously
A Weeble in danger of falling down
And how I had to sit, to be still for months
Because my tired body was giving up too soon

When I pushed with gritted teeth
And doctors pulled and shouted
And my nakedness was the least important thing
In the suddenly crowded room

And for that brief moment I notice
This amazing body nourishes me, myself, and always has
As it did my children long ago
And I say a quiet Thank You in the mirror.

~ Liesl Dineen 2014

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  1. Molly

    I love the Liesl. Thank you for reminding me of the gifts that my round, flabby, belly produced and my saggy, droopy, boobs nourished.


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