[part of a five-day art challenge in February]

“You had one job”
The darkness whispers nightly
In the clicks and clacks
Of wheels on tracks.
And where is the girl
Who was entrusted to you?
Where did she go
When the train you were on
Stopped at that platform
And you both took that break
To stretch your legs
And look over the landscape?
You waited too long
And she side-stepped the tracks
Choosing a new destination apart.
You gave too much space
When you sat and waited in faith
And you knew when you decided
Not to simply wait any longer
At the crossroads forever
For her triumphant or broken return
You knew when you reembarked
Eyes set finally in a new direction
That the path you were on
May never cross hers again
And would certainly never
Find either traveler the same as
When they paused years ago
On that platform built for waiting
At the crossroads disguised
As something simple.

~ Liesl Dineen 2015

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