case by case

“I see the big picture!” I’d cry
wide-eyed and certain
he would see the patterns
and the pathways,
so clear when you just
stepped back, like those
hidden picture posters,
the magic happening just
as focus dimmed,
but he would point instead
to each pixel, explaining to me
so I could see things his way
– the right way obviously –
that on a case by case basis
there was quite simply
nothing to see, nothing at all
and I really should look away
and relax my pretty little head,
because we both knew
how stress could sometimes
make me crazy.


Day 4 prompt: title your poem “case” blank, then write it.

Bonus fun poem:

Case in point

Don’t count your chickens, said the naysayers
but he counted, expecting seven layers
I imagine he didn’t think it was funny
when out popped the seventh chocolate bunny.


What do you think?

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