Day 24. Prompt: write about how you will be remembered.


In the end
all I want
is for the people
who knew me
to agree
that I left
most of what
I touched
at least
a little better
than I found it.


and another:

When I’m gone

He looks down and says
“my mom’s crazy”
and I know he has reasons
for his hard words,
I know that’s why
he’s giving up his dog,
before it’s too late
(and it’s almost too late)
but I’ve also heard those words
repeated often enough
by my own children
since the divorce
when they first heard the words
and became weapons themselves
and while I haven’t heard it
for awhile now myself
I’ll never know for sure
what they say when I’m not there
or what they’ll say
when I’m gone.

What do you think?

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