Back in the day

Day 30. It seems like the month just started, but here we are at the end. Prompt: write a “back in the day” poem. I have three.

Serenity now

I used to hate the serenity prayer
but eventually I accepted it
only so far, nobody has granted me
the wisdom to know the difference.


I remember Monday
like it was yesterday
before our dog was ashes
in a velvet-wrapped box.
Live every moment with love
because Father Time
is neither cruel nor kind,
he’s simply passing by.

Another life

In another life
I was made of trust
my sleeve-heart an easy target

In another life
I partied wild-child style
to take all the sharp edges off

In another life
I sat in the dark
afraid of my own shadow

In another life
I rocked a child
as if I could make that moment last

What do you think?

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