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poemcentralI’m extremely honored that one of my poems from the Twitter contest below is discussed briefly in the new book Poem Central, Word Journeys with Readers and Writers by Shirley McPhillips. This book is an approachable academic work about the craft of poetry, and it is also simply gorgeous! Click on the picture to buy a copy, or it’s also available on Amazon.



The Raleigh Review ran a contest for April 2014 (National Poetry Month). Winning poems were displayed on the Raleigh R Line buses for the month of April.

I submitted a couple poems, and this one went mobile, somewhere in Raleigh, on a bus. Weird, but cool!


In 2013, the New York Public Library held a poetry contest on Twitter – so, very short poems. I was honored to be among the ten winners nationwide. The prize was a bunch of awesome poetry books and just, well, the honor! Each entry consisted of three poems, one of which had to be about NYC, books, or libraries. Here’s my three winning poems.

her box of jagged glass,
she explains.
It’s a lifetime of little hurts.
She likes the way
they sparkle in the light


our mismatched spoons
stir in the cream
in staccato beats to match
the clickety-clack of dogs in the kitchen


She built a house of books
adventurous rooms
draped in the finest woven words.
She dines with philosophers
and dragons on the moon.

This is a video of a poem I wrote as part of an assignment for The Daring Way on shame and authenticity: Construction 


I am delighted and amazed to be a part of the 14 Words for Love short-form poetry project started in 2013. That first year, somewhere over 500 poets contributed over 2200 poems to be given away to random strangers.

Here’s a little video I made of a mostly-random sampling of poems. Mostly not mine. It’s 3 minutes, and leaves you feeling happy, I think. And here’s a smattering of my own contributions to the project.

Since then it’s been more and more poems and love , including Pay It Forward Day, and Peace One Day. And of course, we repeated the Valentine’s project for 2014 and are on for 2015!

A million years ago, or perhaps slightly less than that, when I was about 20 years old, a short story I wrote received a third place Columbia Journalism award. I was Liesl Berger then, and writing for Generation Magazine at UB. The story was called Nice Young Men, and I can’t find a copy of it anywhere anymore. The only digital copy I had was on a floppy disk, which was corrupted. Back then the cloud was in the sky.

And my inspiration poem. I keep beginning again, and again.

time to begin

I awoke with an ache
to make new space
and embrace some change
rearrange the old
in bolder versions of bright
and do it right this time
in a rhyme with a view
right on cue like blue chalk

to take a walk in the wild
like a child in the park
all sparkling and shiny
tiny but standing so proud
I’m allowed to grow tall
and make all my own rules
fueled with love and no hate
let’s create an original sin
it’s time to begin


What do you think?