Well that sucked…

My last post was all about my angst over whether or not to go away last weekend because I really needed to relax… Well, yeah, I went away.

To be fair, I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault but my own that I had a terrible time. I should have known. No, really, I should have.

What I learned: Don’t go anywhere just because you think you should. And always drive yourself… And even if you’re not out on the town with a $75 blow-up doll sticking out the sunroof, remember that you can still be tagged in the pictures. By the way, did you know that the iPad Facebook app won’t let you untag yourself?


Sasha enjoyed a night on the town. Without me.

So this is Sasha...

The group told me we each owed $15 for this “gag” gift, and a cake I didn’t eat. And a dinner I didn’t eat either. So yeah, I paid… Because you know, Scott’s birthday.

They were all nice to me, but clearly, this isn’t my tribe.

Where the hell, by the way, is my tribe???

What do you think?

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