1402064770Weekly school shootings, Monsanto is suing Vermont, TV news doesn’t even warn us not to look at the footage anymore… So yeah, we’re tripping.




In America, we’re tripping
Most of us
American Idols
And Kentucky Fried Chicken
While our children learn values
From Tumblr and Netflix
Eating fast food with Red Bull
And getting high on the plastic
Corporations are people
And the people are tools
Putting their trust in the sound bites
And sounding like fools
As we fight over scraps
Because there’s nothing else left
We didn’t notice the losses
And the cost of the theft
Now our children are dying
From buying our bullshit
And we’re all freaking out
Because we can’t seem to fix it
We’ve forgotten to notice
We’re all humans just being
We have so much in common
Why are we disagreeing
It’s time we wake up
And respect one another
Make a functional family
Of sisters and brothers
Set aside all our hate
And our preconceived notions
And fill ourselves up
With more loving emotions
But I can feel your eyes rolling
As you look at your gun
And I know the war’s over
But nobody won

~Liesl Dineen 2014

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  1. Jodi

    Thanks for writing this and sharing, Liesl. Tripping is the perfect title.


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