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The game is as follows … Once selected, you have to choose 10 women on Facebook you believe deserve the award, copy and paste this on their wall, you must be honest, This is a way to show your respect and admiration for women who should be told their worth! If you receive it over three times, consider yourself really a beautiful woman and warrior, if you break the game nothing will happen, but it’s nice to know that someone appreciates and admires you … and you’re a beautiful person inside and out! I chose you!!~~ ♥ ~~


Yes, I get it, we’re all awesome. And we damn well are! I just have to say that when I get these things, I do appreciate it, I do, but I also feel *obligated* to go and bug other friends, or make sure I don’t leave anyone out, or if I ignore it then someone will notice that I’m not playing by the rules, and omg what then?

Here’s the thing. I don’t play by those rules. Of course I’m a warrior, seriously, what person-of-a-certain-age isn’t? Chances are you’ve walked through some fire yourself. But chain letters, chain Facebook stuff, anything that says “I bet you won’t post this but if you really care about cancer/babies/preventing Armageddon etc. then prove it by posting this on your wall for an hour/a day/forever and then you can relax because you’re Doing the Right Thing.” (okay so maybe that was a little overstated), they just get to me, you know?

Of course I care about cancer. And babies. But let me care in my own way, and you care in yours. Don’t put me on the spot, because I’m the type who will just give you the finger and walk away. Or, really, just walk away, but in my mind I’m giving you or somebody the finger. I’m just too nice to go through the actual motions… Usually.

Anyway, thank you so much to my friends who include me in the beautiful warrior category. I think you’re beautiful and strong too! I’m actually incredibly blessed with friends who are pretty damn amazing! But I’m just gonna tell you in person, or buy you a beer, or tell you a joke when you’re down, or something like that. I hope you, and God, and Facebook can forgive me for all the chains I’ve broken over the years. So far, it hasn’t ruined me completely. Probably.

What do you think?

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