Please exit the stadium in a calm orderly manner

5789872So yeah, politics in America today… I think it’s just a big-ass football game with the red team vs. the blue team, and the object of the game is to keep everyone in the stands, rooting for whichever team they were taught to root for, while the really big earth moving machines change the real landscape outside. These machines don’t give a rat’s ass if blue wins or if red does.

I’ve been watching this game for years, being a child of the Nixon age. I have a clear favorite team in this game, because I do think there are many shades of evil, and you know, I prefer being Chaotic Good usually, when I play stuff. But the things going on outside this stadium are the things I’m afraid to face, to learn about. Which means, of course, that I’m learning about them. Our country has committed, and is committing heinous acts here and around the world in the name of freedom, all while we vote over our rights to retain certain freedoms we assumed we’d always have.

To keep us “safe” our government has suspended a lot of the rights we used to have, or thought we had. Things like privacy, free speech, not being tortured or held without charges… Very big deals. Also, drones scare me, and nobody talking about them scares me more. Have we learned nothing from all the best SciFi out there? These things are killing people on “our behalf” – keeping us safe by attacking weddings and funerals in the mountains of Afghanistan… And then we think we have the right to be outraged when these people hate America. Wouldn’t you hate a country that used machines to fly in and kill innocent people? Here at home we call that terrorism.

I’ve always contended that most of the SciFi stuff I grew up reading and watching will happen, or has or is already happening, somewhere. The same goes for crazy conspiratorial stuff like Orwell’s 1984. But you know, ignorance really is bliss, right? And Soylent Green isn’t the worst way to end up…

But I’ve seen Conspiracy Theory and many like it, so really, this was all a joke. This looks like a really good game. Who’s winning? Go Team Blue!

P.S. I’m not linking anything on purpose, but I encourage heavy use of Google.

What do you think?

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