Stuff I made for Halloween

I know I should be writing something meaningful about the election, which I’m pretty happy with in general, hopeful anyway. But I’m really sick of politics and Halloween is so much more fun.

A while back I wrote about how Pinterest was ruining my life. I put up some lovely pictures of the things I found there that I wanted to make for my 12 y/o  daughter’s Halloween party. I had to make it all nut-free, which already made me edgy, so I ate a peanut butter cup and thought it all out.  Not really, I’m watching what I eat too much for that, so really it was over a couple of beers. For my health.

I wasn’t hopeful that I could pull it all off, but I am fairly crafty. Actually, I’m apparently uber-crafty, I just choose to use my powers to make weird things instead of adorable thank you cards.

So here’s my results!

Cake first. This was the biggest conundrum and the possibilities were overwhelming. But at the end of the day, it’s a cake for Pete’s sake, and it was good, and I didn’t stay up nights over it!


This was the inspiration cake.

5031305And this is where I went with it. It’s a whole grave, folks – yeah pretty cool! Crushed Oreo dirt, and the zombie hand is marshmallow fondant with white chocolate nails (yes, I made them too) and chocolate. The gravestone was not made of food, but I did toy with that idea.



The hand looked pretty good – someone even ate the thumb later. 

Cookies! Because sometimes cake isn’t enough, you know.


Inspiration cookies!



My test-run cookies… um, not quite.

6355434These are my new improved finger cookies! I couldn’t use almonds for nails, so my awesome husband John cracked open a coconut and cut me out some nasty looking nails – they were the perfect gruesome. These are basically shortbread cookies, and I used lemon juice instead of almond essence.



And here’s the rest of the food. I’m too tired to cover decorations, but they came out pretty well too!
I had so much fun doing all this stuff. Now back to making beer!

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What do you think?

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