Pinterest is ruining my life

9029253Pinterest is sucking my life away, slowly, in that way you don’t notice until it’s already too late. I go on there to find some cool Halloween stuff, and then these people I follow who obviously have figured out how to work a time-turner or something, because how in the hell else can you explain the 3000 things they pin every single day?
Anyway, these people have made it so hard. Because I’m all Ok, time to plan food for this Halloween thing, and then it’s OMG look at those Doctor Who shoes!!! And from there, you know, other Doctor Who stuff, then assorted geek stuff, then quotes-i-love and you’ve spent an entire evening and have nothing to show for it, except 3000 pins on your boards which are probably driving someone else crazy when all they wanted was a recipe for homemade wallpaper paste.


Anyway, every time I think I have my  Halloween stuff sorted out, I find something else amazing I have to try…

This cake even made my 12 yr old horror fan cringe a little, and she said don’t make that,  it might make me cry. So I’m making it. I mean, don’t expect that hand to look like that, but it’ll be awesome, I’m sure. So I haven’t made a scratch cake in a few years, it’s like a bicycle, right?

4613309_origThing is, I’m pretty sure that all the people who are planning their weddings on Pinterest are dangerously stressed out. There’s just SO MUCH. Sparkles in the trees and balloons on the roof and favors that are more elaborate than my whole first wedding cake was (second wedding, we just ate cupcakes out of the box, true story).

So I think Pinterest is bad. I really do. I don’t recommend spending more than a few minutes there. Set your timer. That’ll work.

I am so going to quit. Soon. OMG I’m so totally making these finger-shaped sugar cookies. Looks like a piece of cake. No, wait, that’s the other thing up there with the zombie hand in it. But these cookies are going to work, I can feel it.  The site this one lives on has some amazing stuff, like a head cake… Wow.


Now this thing is annoying the crap out of me because I love it. Oooh I love it. I made it my cover picture for my Make these things board. But, the link for this head in a jar is broken. It’s broken! UGH!

Broken links cause broken hearts, folks.

I need a head in a jar very badly. I found another one, but you know… not the same. But oh well, I couldn’t afford that jar anyway. I hate Pinterest.



You can find me there at


P.S. Here’s the head cake. I know, right???

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