First World Problems


1384965904It’s hard being spoiled. I suppose if I was in the “real” 1% I’d be used to it by now and not feeling guilty over having potentially large reactions to tiny problems. Usually I manage to keep quiet, you know, because I have perspective, and I know how awesomely lucky and spoiled I truly am.

But then sometimes… I mean, for instance, I couldn’t get the printer to work this morning, and I really wanted to print out this one cartoon for my door at work, where, you know, I have my own office.
With a DOOR.

And then I have to get a cavity filled at 3:30, all covered by my excellent health insurance of course, and that means I can’t go to the gym at work unless I schlep all the way back there, the whole 10 miles, in my new economy car, the one my husband filled with gas for me yesterday.

And I have all these yucky things to deal with today, because I’ve been out sick the last two days, paid leave of course. I have to call the doctor to arrange for this procedure to make sure I’m healthy enough to get this other procedure. It’s “routine” preventative health stuff, all covered by insurance, but gosh, I have to use a phone and speak to people. Then I have to order the medicine I need to thin my blood so I don’t have another stroke. The medicine that can cost some people over $400/month, and costs me $20.

Speaking of insurance, I have to deal with all these people on Facebook complaining about the ACA, and the huge First World problems our government seems to be having making web sites and governments run. We are all suffering! And then when I log onto Facebook, I have to endure the whining from people who used to have to sit alone with their personality disorders but can now share freely with their 500 “friends” while we sit and think, ah well, best be nice, because when my turn comes, well, I’ll need some comfort too. It’s not always easy having 500 friends.

Well, even if these are problems, I guess I really have very few. Even the stuff that’s really real, the painful stuff, it’s not like some giant storm came and killed off my city, my loved ones, my house, my water supply… Well, you know. I think maybe I can afford to click this link and send a little more of my hard-but-not-that-hard-earned money to people with real problems, and maybe once I’ve made all those phone calls, I’ll go post to this group I’m in on Facebook that’s all about gratitude. Because damn do I have a lot to be grateful for.

What do you think?

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